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Sleep Disorders in Children and Teens

Some general information

You can find some general information about sleep children/teenagers in the link below:

Sleep advice for young people — zillowirral


The doctor keeps telling me to relax before bed but how do I do that?

Take a look at this leaflet that may help with this:

mmb006_chillax (

The website below has a lot of interactive methods of relaxing. Please check it out!:

Calm zone | Childline


Are you a teenager who struggles with their sleep?

Take a look at this useful article that tells you the most common reasons why teenagers struggle with sleep and some ways to overcome this:

Sleep for Teenagers | Sleep Foundation

This next link goes into more detail about how your body clock works and why it is so important. It gives you further information on how to improve the quality of your sleep:

How to sleep well for teenagers | Evelina London

Home – Teen Sleep Hub

The link below will be useful if the cause of your sleep difficulties is your mental health:

How can I sleep better at night? | Sleep tips | The Mix

Kooth | Wirral InfoBank

Youth Matters Wirral | Wirral InfoBank (Can also be used for children above 6 years of age)


Mobile Apps that may be useful for children

Stella Sleep Home

10 Best Sleep Apps For Kids To Help Them Calm Down & Relax In 2021 (

11 Free Sleep Apps for Your Best Night Yet – Positive Routines


Useful information for parents

Please find more information about how you may be able to help your child/teenager with their sleep using the links below:

Sleep :: Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (

Sleepio | Can’t sleep? Get to sleep and stay asleep without pills or potions

Home – Bed Advice UK

Children’s Sleep eBook – The Sleep Charity

Sleep – Support for Parents from Action For Children

Sleep Advice Service – Cerebra

Sleep Strategies for Children | Sleep Foundation

Sleep – a guide for school age children (

Sleep Issues | NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Healthy Sleep :: Healthier Together (

The website below is particularly useful as it covers information about bedtime routines, bedroom environment, diet and sleep in children, relaxation tips for children, etc:

Children – The Sleep Charity

Courses and workshops that may be useful for parents/carers:

Our Courses – The Sleep Charity

If you feel like speaking to trained sleep advisors about your child who is having issues with sleep please see the link below:

National Sleep Helpline – The Sleep Charity