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When can you order your medication?

  • 7 days before you are due to run out of your medication is the earliest you can order.

How can you order your medication?

  • Online using Patient Access
  • Using form on our website
  • In person at the Surgery during our opening hours by completing an order slip and placing in the red boxes on both the 1st and 2nd floor reception desks.
  • If you are on the vulnerable register or receive medication in a blister pack then you can contact your chemist to place your medication order.

When can I expect my medication to be ready?

  • Providing there are no issues with your medication, your prescription should be ready after 4pm two full working days after we receive your request. However for items that are not on your repeat prescription may take longer.  Please can we advise that we DO NOT contact you to confirm when your prescription is ready but you can always call us on 0151 643 6700 during our opening hours once you have allowed the two working days to pass. Or you can check this on your NHS App.
  • If your medication request is from Outpatients, your prescription should be ready after 4pm seven working days after we receive the request.

What if I have run out of medication?

As you can request your medication up to 7 days before running out we hope that you should not find yourself in this situation. However, if you have run out or have less than two working days supply remaining then we as your Surgery will try to help where we can, but due to the volume of medication requests we receive daily it is highly probable you may still have to wait.

If your medication is on the NHS urgent list (please see below) and you have clearly marked your request as URGENT then we will endeavour to issue the relevant medication within one working day. Should we not be able to do due to your request coming in late in the day or close to the weekend then we would advise you contact NHS 111 to discuss your request.

Urgent medication list

What if I need a medication I don’t get frequently?

There are certain medications that you may take or use on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. This can mean they move into your past medication list on our records. Please still request using one of the methods above BUT include the reason why you need the medication at this time. We will then send your request onto the GP and await their decision. We will always contact you should there be an issue.

Contraception pill prescriptions and pill checks

Prescriptions for the contraceptive pill, and pill checks are now available from your local pharmacy by contacting the pharmacy directly to book an appointment. If you are a female aged between 18-45 and needing a repeat prescription, please see the link below for information on participating pharmacies to contact regarding your prescription. This service is not suitable for women who want to start the pill or have had a long break and want to restart.


Prescriptions for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)

For women that fall into the criteria below your local pharmacy can provide treatment for simple UTI’s 

  • aged 18-64
  • not Diabetic/ Immunosuppressed
  • not pregnant
  • no UTI within the last 3 months

For all other suspected UTI’s please submit an appointment request via PATCHS