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Delaying your menstrual period

If you wish to delay your menstrual period please complete the request form including all of the relevant details. We will provide a private prescription which means that the price of the drug will need to be paid at the pharmacy regardless of if you get free prescriptions.

Norethisterone can be used to delay a period, for example before a
holiday. Recent studies suggest that the strength of the hormone ‘progesterone’ in this
prescription is equivalent to that in the combined contraception pill. Progesterone can
increase the risk of developing blood clots (known as deep vein thrombosis/DVT and
pulmonary embolism/PE) in women with certain risk factors. These risk factors include:
• Obesity (BMI more than 30)
• Smoking
• Previous history of blood clots in yourself or close family members
• Blood clotting disorders e.g. thrombophilia
• Immobility e.g. wheelchair-bound or going on long journeys
For more information regarding blood clots and risk factors, please look at
If you would still like a prescription to delay your period, please complete and sign the form
below and return to reception. Please note that this will be a private prescription and will
incur a cost.